About Us

The oldest cork manufacturer in India today with over 5 decades of experience in handling cork and cork products, Anchor Cork has been redefining quality in cork in India. With Cork Craft, we are now venturing into the consumer and corporate gifts arena, innovating and collaborating to make the best use of this beautiful and eco-friendly material.

If you only know Cork as a wine stopper, you are not alone. Now, as it makes a debut in your homes, offices and hearts in a new avatar, it is time to get to know Cork !!

Cork is harvested by peeling a thick layer from the bark of the Cork Oak tree. The tree never gets cut but this usage ensures that the forest supporting such trees remain green forever. This flexible raw material is then processed into different forms, shapes, sizes, colours and designs. A product of nature, Cork is completely recyclable and biodegradable.

From bags to books, trays to trivets, Cork Craft brings to you a range of unique stylish products made of this environmentally friendly material from the Mediterranean forest. The commercial viability of the raw material ensures the conservation of these forests. Its varied natural textures and warm earthy colours will soothe your days for a long time to come.

Cork Craft is an initiative of Anchor Cork Pvt. Ltd., the oldest cork manufacturer in the country with a depth of experience spanning over half a century in processing cork, maintaining highest quality standards.